Luxury Chauffeur Service and Kyoto Tour

MATSUSHIMA mobility service

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Our experienced staffs will accommodate you
the variety of services.

Our services ensure you to have the luxurious and relaxation time.


Please contact us
if you are going to stay in Kyoto.

We ensure to provide you the distinguished hospitality services and become your Kyoto concierge.

VIP Guest Transportation Service
We provide the chauffer service to your guests visiting Kyoto for the conference, symposium, international conferences.
Airport Chauffer Service
We provide the chauffer service from / to Kansai International Airport, Osaka Itami Airport and the other surrounding airports. We are specialized to provide you the chauffer service from Kyoto to all kinds of airports. This will be perfect for your business trips.
Hotel Chauffer Service
You may take our chauffer service from the hotel you are staying. We provide the chauffer service from train stations, sightseeing spots, and many other facilities based on your request.


Our experienced concierge is
the expert of Kyoto

We can provide the professional concierge and tour guide for the diversity of the group including the school field trips to the private group trips regardless of the location and venues. One of the expertise about MATSUSHIMA mobility service Transport is its experienced Kyoto expertise who can take you to the special spots.

School Field Trips
We can provide the tour of Kyoto to 5-6 people into one vehicle. We are equipped with more than 20 vehicles. We can provide the service to any kind of size group.
Private Tour
Our drivers are certified and able to provide you the in depth tour. Please ask for any request.
FIT (Foreign Independent Tour)
MATSUSHIMA mobility service Transport is able to provide the service with diversity of languages. We maximize your travel by comforting you with your native language.


We provide you the best
comfort during your trip.

We take your personalized request in any kind occasion like your leisure activities, shopping, or special anniversary.

Leisure Time / Shopping
This service is suitable if you have multiple luggage at the time of your leisure activities and shopping. Also, our service is suitable if you are planning to consume the alcohol.
Anniversaries / Events
We provide the chauffer service for your special occasions like birthday, wedding anniversaries, bachelor parties.
Ceremonial Events
We provide the special chauffer service to transport your family members and VIPs from the ceremonial venues.

We always have the mindset of:
“Everyone is great VIPs”


Reservation Process

We are flexible. Please contact us for any question. We accept Zen-tabi coupons and Kyo-tabi coupon.

  • ● Please inform the preferred time 2 days before your trip.
  • ● We conduct the initial contact with you regarding your trip schedule and the estimation.
  • ● Please inform us for any changes 2 days prior to your trip via email or fax. If your departure date is shorter than 2 days, please call us via phone.
Cancellation Policy
• There will be no additional cancellation fee if informed by one day before your departure at 6:00PM (Japan Standard Time). There will be 100% of cancellation fee charged after 6:00PM of the previous day.
• Please make the reservation two day prior to your departure as the latest.