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    We always have the mindset of:
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    Reservation Process

    We are flexible. Please contact us for any question. We accept Zen-tabi coupons and Kyo-tabi coupon.

    • ● Please inform the preferred time 2 days before your trip.
    • ● We conduct the initial contact with you regarding your trip schedule and the estimation.
    • ● Please inform us for any changes 2 days prior to your trip via email or fax. If your departure date is shorter than 2 days, please call us via phone.
    Cancellation Policy
    • There will be no additional cancellation fee if informed by one day before your departure at 6:00PM (Japan Standard Time). There will be 100% of cancellation fee charged after 6:00PM of the previous day.
    • Please make the reservation two day prior to your departure as the latest.